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  1. A Young Professionals Guide to the D.C. Rental Market

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    “…real estate experts are projecting significant growth within the rental market as developers continue to renovate and construct new housing in order to meet the growing demand in D.C.”

    Congratulations! You have just achieved young professional status by landing the career you always wanted in the big city, and somehow you’ve even convinced yourself that the three hour round trip commute from suburbs “is really not that bad.” Then, the months slip away along with your hard-earned money to transportation costs and other commuting fees. Not to mention, if you hear Karen from accounting brag one more time about that trendy new cafe that just opened around the corner from her place in Shaw, you’re going to scream.

    If any of this sounds familiar, then you’re probably already considering a move to a place in the city. But with your current income, buying isn’t really an option—couple that with everyone telling you that the cost of rent is way too high and it all becomes enough to scare some people off. But as a Millennial, you belong to a resilient, resourceful generation, and facing the crisis of unaffordable housing in today’s rental market won’t deter you from living out your dreams in the city. So, what’s stopping you?

    Here are a few helpful tips so you can find the right rental options for you:

    • Do Your Research

    More often than not, taking the time to do a little quality research can be something we all take for granted. In regards to D.C.’s ever changing landscape it is important to not let areas that once had a negative reputation in the past scare you off today. At first glance, you might think a property isn’t situated in a place that best suits your needs, but there are many up and coming areas with great multifamily projects in the works like this 45 unit project, which is currently under construction by the talented property development company, Ditto Residential. It may not always be easy, but doing your homework and looking for upcoming real estate projects can provide you with invaluable information to make an educated decision.

    • Location, Walkability, and Amenities

    These are the big three features that everyone wants out of a rental property in D.C. However, on a tight budget having all three in spades might not be exactly realistic. When looking for your next potential home pay attention to the property’s walkability score. The walkability score determines how easily daily errands can be accomplished on foot, and a location’s proximity to restaurants, bars, and other local amenities. Just know that even if a property does not have the best location, a building’s amenities can still make that specific property great, and vice versa. The important part is reflecting on what is essential to you, and then finding a property that meets your needs. Luckily D.C. ranks 4th in the nation for transit friendly cities, and 7th in the nation for most bike friendly cities and thanks to programs like Capital Bike Share the city is more traversable than it has ever been.

    • Patience is a Virtue

    Listen, no one wants to hear about patience in our age of instant gratification, but when talking about the housing market, patience becomes a necessity for knowing when to rent and when to wait. Similar to many major cities in the U.S., Washington, D.C. experiences a constant ebb and flow between the availability of housing and the demand from new potential residents. This never-ending balancing act can either drive the cost of rent through the roof, in times of property scarcity, or create the perfect conditions for young professionals to find new, exciting properties/rentals in the District. Currently, real estate experts are projecting significant growth within the rental market as developers continue to renovate and construct new housing in order to meet the growing demand in D.C. So remain patient—the District’s rental market is rebounding to be more of a renters market after the Great Recession and your ideal property could be currently in the stages of being built in the next hip Washington, D.C. neighborhood.

    If I could leave you with one piece of advice; don’t be discouraged when looking for housing options in D.C. The rental market is fluid and always changing, and if worse comes to worse, you could always ask Karen from accounting if she’s looking for a roommate.

    Most importantly, we may already have your next home waiting for you, take a look at Longford Management’s available rentals here.



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  2. DC has continued to be a Great Market for First-Time Real Estate Investors

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    “…as of last year, the real estate market has seen significant stability and an increase in overall appreciation.”

    For the better part of the past decade, Washington, D.C. has been a microcosm of change. From the lack of affordable income properties to the high cost of living potential tenants may endure, it’s not hard to understand why D.C. real estate has been an intimidating venture for first-time investors. However, as of last year, the real estate market has seen significant stability and an increase in overall appreciation.  This isn’t to say this will continue, but through careful analysis and a bit of leg work opportunities can still be found.

    Areas that are seeing the most significant rate of appreciation in still-affordable neighborhoods of the District include:

    • Congress Heights

    Located near St. Elizabeth’s campus, the area has become a recent hub for various revitalization projects. In 2014, the median real estate sales price was a modest $150,000. However, as of today, sale prices shot up to a median sales price of $221,250, thus creating a 47.5% appreciation increase. This increase marks the largest percentage real estate growth throughout the entire district, making this neighborhood an up-and-coming venture for recent first-time buyers looking to see their investment pay dividends in the near future.

    • Anacostia

    Similar to Congress Heights, Anacostia has seen a history of economic woes and lack of real estate development in its time. However, this area is also seeing a recent boom.

    In 2014, median sales prices hovered around $190,000, but home buyers saw a 35.5% appreciation increase in 2015 as experts watched property in this area being sold at a median sales price of $257,000.

    • Woodridge

    A traditionally residential portion of D.C. situated along the district’s Northeast border, this quiet neighborhood is positioned next to the already burgeoning Brookland area, allowing residents both the comfort of their suburban settings and easy access to Brookland’s growing retail and restaurant amenities. In 2014, a single family home that sits on its own individual lot was selling at a median sales price of $399,900. Compare that to the median sales price of $482,000 for 2015, and you would notice the 20.5% increase in the average value of a Woodridge home.

    • Foggy Bottom

    Nestled on the edge of the Potomac River, this neighborhood is defined by the institutions that call this great area home: George Washington University, the World Bank, The State Department, (just to name a few) dominate the landscape, but there are still gorgeous relatively unknown homes like Snow’s Court. Development in the Foggy Bottom area has been steadily increasing, and in 2014 the median sales price for homes was $270,000. A year later and the median listing price has increased to $310,000, which accounts for a 14.8% increase of average property value.


    The real estate market is stabilizing, and property appreciation has show incredible returns in many exciting and upcoming areas. However, even as the statistics show the potential for success always be aware that past performance is not indicative of future success in the real estate market —but if you do decide to invest, just make sure you employ a holistic, innovative approach to property management to ensure you see the best possible return on your investment.




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  3. Your New Community

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    …what ever happened to the old way of connecting with people? What ever happened to community?

    It’s no secret, but living a happy life has a lot to do with the company you keep.

    Whether the company you choose are family or friends it’s always the connection we make with other people that make our lives worthwhile. Now,more than ever in our age of digital connection it’s all too easy to isolate ourselves while we search aimlessly for something real. But my question is, what ever happened to the old way of connecting with people? What ever happened to community? These are not new questions, but there is a new answer.

    The answer resides at OSLO, a brand new nine-unit apartment located in the heart of DC’s Shaw neighborhood. The units in this modern building range from three to four spacious bedrooms, each with their own personal bathroom and large walk in shower. Just take a look at OSLO and see for yourself. These personal elements of the units are ideal in their own right, but the place where OSLO really breaks the mold of your standard run of the mill multi-person building is the shared living space incorporated into each of the nine-units. These areas are designed to cultivate a unique community within each dwelling.

    At one point in time, many years ago, multi-person buildings like this were common place in major cities, and these apartments quickly became a rite of passage for many young single professionals establishing their lives in major cities.

    That being said the layout of OSLO feels new and more needed than ever since the notion of community has gone by the wayside in favor of individualism and isolation (please see the advent of micro-units).

    OSLO’s shared living spaces restore the concepts of community and human connection many of us are still looking for. Well, look no further, your new friends are here.