Security Deposit Return

When Will My Security Deposit be Returned?  

There are many factors that are involved with returning a security deposit at the end of a resident’s lease.

Security deposits are only prepared for distribution once all residents on a joint lease have vacated a property. If there are no damages or other contributing factors that would cause monies withheld from a security deposit, the security deposit is then prepared and mailed within 45 days of the lease end date, which may not be the same as the move-out date. Residents must provide their forwarding address to the Longford Management office upon move out which was a field on the Notice to Vacate form.  If you did not yet have your forwarding address, please contact us.

Partial Security Deposit Returns

If you are receiving a partial security deposit Longford Management will notify you within 30 days after your lease end date. The partial return will be made within 45 days of your lease end date. You must provide your new/current address in an efficient manner.  If you haven’t provided your new/current address in order for us to return your security deposit, payment may be delayed.  You can use the linked Forwarding Address From above to communicate this to us.

  • Longford personnel will discuss any damages with the property owner after the move out inspection has occurred.
  • Longford will prepare or obtain estimates for deductions that will be detailed to the departing resident in writing.
  • If the vacating resident owes money for rent and/or damages, the amount deducted will appear on the security deposit return letter.
  • Any remaining security funds will be sent to the forwarding address provided by the resident.
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