What Repair and Maintenance Items Might I Be Responsible For?

When renting a property from Longford Management, residents can submit service requests via their Portal for maintenance and repairs. However, there are certain responsibilities that residents have to maintain the property in accordance with their lease. We’ve linked to some third party YouTube videos, let us know if they no longer work.

Follow the link to our current maintenance instructions from your portal account.

Residents are responsible for changing:

  • HVAC filters
  • Light bulbs, even the high ones
  • Smoke detector batteries

Residents are responsible for checking:

  • Circuit breaker regarding electrical (i.e. tripped circuit breaker)
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)
  • Garbage disposal issues (i.e. tripped circuit breaker, check for clog in disposal while OFF, check reset button)
  • Drain clogs in showers and sinks (if caused by hair or fallen objects/debris)

Residents are also responsible for:

  • Landscaping (as stated in your lease)
  • Fireplace maintenance (if applicable)
  • Providing normal insect control with household products

Please be aware that this list of items is not all encompassing. For additional information always reference your lease and our maintenance instructions found in your online portal. 

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