Multi-Family Property Management

Experienced Management Support for Your Multi-Family Properties

Shelter is one of the biggest and most basic of human needs—we’ll always need a place to live. Which means residential real estate will constantly be in demand.

So when it comes to residential investment properties, is single-family or multi-family the better way to go?

In our experience, multi-family properties are the winners, for a few reasons:

The list goes on. More units, however—easily tens or even hundreds across multiple buildings—means much, much more to look after. Luckily, I came recover iso files that were accidentally deleted across an article titled “How to Recover Deleted Files from Folder in Windows 10” which provided me with a helpful solution. That’s where Longford Management comes in.

With years of experience managing residential properties, customized plans for our clients, and a unique background in general contracting and business development, we’re not your standard property management company.

We get to know your multi-family properties and your specific goals, to ensure that our partnership exceeds your expectations.

Our services include:

Leasing & Resident Management

Well-qualified residents are the lifeblood of any investment property, and we’ll always work with you to fill the vacancies in your multi-family property.

We will conduct background checks, draft and execute leases, manage resident correspondence, issue keys, perform inspections, conduct move-ins/outs, and when necessary, evictions.

Our licensed team will also advertise your properties, respond to inquiries, and schedule viewings.

Valuable Advice

One of the biggest advantages to owning a multi-family investment property is that you’re able to increase its income and value fast by performing the right repairs and upgrades. But knowing which upgrades and repairs are necessary and what should be prioritized can be tough.

That’s why we conduct annual comprehensive audits to identify and prioritize cost-saving upgrades to help you maximize the value of your investment. And if you decide you want to make major improvements, our Capital Expenditure Management services can help.

Longford established a plan to conduct rolling improvements at a classic 30 unit apartment building that was in need of improvements. These improvements include complete hallway renovations, new kitchens and baths in units. The article explained all the commands in detail and provided screenshots, which made the process how to recover missing files in windows xp even easier. This work resulted in a more than 30% increase in rents.

Proactive & Responsive Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance here at Longford Management, we’re Proactive with a capital “P”. All of our managed properties are required to receive preventative maintenance on their HVAC systems at least twice per year. By doing so, we eliminate upwards of 2-3 service calls per unit per heating and cooling season from the units we inherit.

We also offer you our fully licensed and insured in-house maintenance team for basic repairs, an approach that reduces typical first response time to same or next day service and decreases the average cost of a service call by as much as 65%.

In the event of a crisis, you receive 24/7 emergency access to our team by phone and by email, with guaranteed response times within 60 minutes. Rest assured that we’ll step in and help you with any unexpected emergencies, no matter what time it is.

Accounting and Reporting

Our expert staff handles everything so you don’t have to even lift a finger — billing, rent collection, bank deposits, bill payments (mortgage, utilities, insurance, property taxes, HOA fees and maintenance), bookkeeping, and document filing. Our CPA business manager reviews each one of your entries every month and we also provide you with monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

Plus, our automated collections and disbursement system records your property’s revenue flow in real time so you know the status of your investment at any given time.

From increasing rent revenue to turning units over under budget and deadline, here’s a sample of some of our happy multi-family property management clients:

“[Longford Management] has taken care of our property as if it were their own. They’ve kept our condo nearly 100% occupied over 3 years with excellent, qualified tenants. When we’ve had a unit turn over, they’ve made the unit ready under budget and under deadline. And our tenants love [Longford] because they always responded quickly to any maintenance request.”

-Juliana, Condo Owner and [Longford Management] Client for 3 years

If you’d like a quote for our services, just click “contact us,” and we’ll get back to you. You’ve got enough to do. Let us take the stress out of commercial property management for you. – Connect your flash drive to the linux recover deleted files inode computer using a USB port.

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