Leila Whall

Responding Quickly to Ensure Client Satisfaction

Leila Whall is one of Longford’s premier Property Managers with over 4 years of industry experience.  She holds a PM license in DC and prides herself in quick response times.  Leila has shortened the average Longford waiting time for new housing applicants from one week to 48 hours or less.  Leila’s personal mantra is to stay on top of things and ensure her residents are well informed.

Leila grew up all over Maryland and currently lives in Washington, DC with her husband and their incredibly lazy cat named Bubby Sweets.  She is an avid vinyl record collector who loves to shop for records, combing through yard sales on the weekends as well as her favorite music shops in the District.  Prior to her career in property management, Leila worked in various customer service and administrative roles after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Intercultural Studies in 2009.