Single‐Family Property Management

Oftentimes, a single-family property has a lot of the same complexities as a multi-family building but less sources of revenue, perhaps a family or a few housemates. With a limited amount of money coming in every month, the margin of error for managing these properties is small.

That’s where Longford Management comes in.

With years of experience managing residential properties, we customize a plan for your specific needs and get to know you and your investment goals. We’re not your standard property management company, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that our partnership exceeds your expectations.

Our single-family property management services include:

Leasing & Resident Management

People move, therefore it’s crucial to find a new occupant as fast as possible to limit the vacancy lost and potential operation costs you’ll be responsible for while vacant. Our licensed team monitors our upcoming vacancies 85 days out and will advertise your property, respond to inquiries, and schedule viewings in an effort to see that your property is occupied.

We take screening seriously, after conducting resident interviews and background checks we will advise on the best resident selection while taking care to comply with all federal and local housing guidelines, we’ll draft and execute leases, manage resident correspondence, issue keys, perform inspections, conduct move‐ins/outs, and when necessary, evictions.

Valuable Advice

Knowing what kinds of improvements you need to make to maximize your property’s value is important. That’s why our team—with an extensive background in real estate and general contracting—conducts thorough annual audits to establish and prioritize recommendations for upgrades specific to your property that will increase its value.

And if you’re thinking about making significant improvements, our Capital Expenditure Management services can help.

Proactive & Responsive Maintenance

No matter where your single-family property might be in the D.C. area, you will have optional access to our fully licensed in-house maintenance team for basic repairs, which can reduce the cost of service calls by as much as 65% when compared to other service providers.

If there is an emergency don’t worry, we are available 24/7 for true emergencies, with a response time target within 60 minutes. Rest assured that we’ll step in and help you with any unexpected emergencies, no matter what time it is.
But service calls and emergency repairs shouldn’t be regular. That’s why we take careful, preventative measures with each property we manage – we’re Proactive with a capital “P”.

For example, all of our managed properties are required to receive preventative maintenance on their HVAC systems at least twice per year. By doing so, we eliminate upwards of 2‐3 service calls per unit per heating and cooling season compared to the units we inherit that haven’t been equally maintained.

Accounting and Reporting

Billing, rent collection, bank deposits, bill payments, bookkeeping, document filing – that’s a lot to look after when you have your own property, job, and life to worry about.

Our business manager reviews each of your entries every month and we’ll also provide you with monthly, quarterly, and annual reports so you’re connected with what’s happening with your property.

Plus, our automated collections and disbursement system records your property’s revenue flow in real time so you know the status of your investment at any given time.

“What a relief it was to find Longford Management five years ago. We live abroad and David’s team takes such good care of our luxury row home on Capitol Hill that we go months without even thinking about it. The property is kept in great shape and keeps generating income. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to avoid the hassle of managing their own property.”

-Nikhil, Row House Owner and Longford client for 5 years

If you’d like a quote for our services, just click “contact us,” and we’ll get back to you. You’ve got enough to do. Let us take the stress out of commercial property management for you.

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