Dave Illes

Promoting Positive Economic Growth in our Community

While researching a project in business school, David Illes made a life-changing discovery: property management companies were either giant corporations focusing on large clients or small shops focusing on individual properties. The needs of midsized property owners were being largely ignored. The entrepreneurial side of Dave took over and Longford Management was soon founded. As president, David brings this entrepreneurial vision, along with consulting and business experience to the task of running Longford, growing the business to the 70 plus properties in Longford’s current portfolio.

Driven by his passion for business, Dave earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance at George Washington University. After graduating, he spent several successful years managing client investment portfolios with Morgan Stanley and then served as a strategy consultant for Deloitte and Accenture before returning to GW to earn an MBA. With his natural talent for purchasing, developing, and adding value to real estate in D.C., Dave created Total Income Property Solutions (TIPS) to help other owners maximize the value for their properties. Based on Dave’s philosophy that happy tenants are the best investment, it didn’t take long for the business to grow by leaps and bounds. As TIPS attracted more clients, Dave decided to rename his company Longford Management as a tribute to his grandfather, Joseph Kelly, who immigrated from County Longford, Ireland and worked his way up from basic maintenance to manager of luxury high-rise buildings in Manhattan.

Dave lives in the Annapolis, MD with his wife, Beth, and their two boys, Declan and Jacob.