Moving at End of Lease Term

Eventually the time will come for you to move out of your home and we want you to be as prepared as possible. Longford residents are required to give notice in accordance with their lease prior to moving. This notice should come in the form of a “Notice to Vacate Form.” Some helpful steps when vacating:

Web Fillable Document: Notice to Vacate

  • Check your rental agreement/lease to see if you are eligible to give notice. It will specifically state when you should give notice. A lease is a binding agreement for a set period and you are obligated to the terms of the lease until its termination or there is a written agreement to terminate early. Month-to-month residents are subject to the Notice clause indicated in the original or amended lease.
  • If you need to move and you are still committed to a lease period, contact your Longford Management team to discuss your options.
  • Notices must be in writing. The Notice Period begins the date Longford receives notice, which may be different from the date the form was signed.
  • Longford does not accept notices by email, however we can accept the signed Notice to Vacate Form as an email attachment, by fax or via a certified electronic signature vendor such as Adobe E-sign.
  • Longford does not provide rental history to other landlords/property management companies unless residents submit a written Notice to Vacate and the resident gives the authority to Longford to give out rental references.
  • The Longford Notice to Vacate contains the authorization for allowing Longford to give out rental references. This form is linked above.
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