Your New Community

. By: David Illes

…what ever happened to the old way of connecting with people? What ever happened to community?

It’s no secret, but living a happy life has a lot to do with the company you keep.

Whether the company you choose are family or friends it’s always the connection we make with other people that make our lives worthwhile. Now,more than ever in our age of digital connection it’s all too easy to isolate ourselves while we search aimlessly for something real. But my question is, what ever happened to the old way of connecting with people? What ever happened to community? These are not new questions, but there is a new answer.

The answer resides at OSLO, a brand new nine-unit apartment located in the heart of DC’s Shaw neighborhood. The units in this modern building range from three to four spacious bedrooms, each with their own personal bathroom and large walk in shower. Just take a look at OSLO and see for yourself. These personal elements of the units are ideal in their own right, but the place where OSLO really breaks the mold of your standard run of the mill multi-person building is the shared living space incorporated into each of the nine-units. These areas are designed to cultivate a unique community within each dwelling.

At one point in time, many years ago, multi-person buildings like this were common place in major cities, and these apartments quickly became a rite of passage for many young single professionals establishing their lives in major cities.

That being said the layout of OSLO feels new and more needed than ever since the notion of community has gone by the wayside in favor of individualism and isolation (please see the advent of micro-units).

OSLO’s shared living spaces restore the concepts of community and human connection many of us are still looking for. Well, look no further, your new friends are here.