Commercial Property Management

Proactive management customized around your goals to maximize profitability for your commercial property

As a commercial property owner, you have a lot to look after, from maintaining the premises to bookkeeping to stay on top of collections.

We have a full suite of commercial property management services for clients with Class A and B office and retail buildings as well as those with “project properties” in need of significant improvements.

A good commercial property management company has your personal goals and interests in mind. That’s why we want to get to know you and want to see your business succeed as much as you do.

At Longford Management, our team of experts collaborates with you in developing and executing your property’s custom management plan to minimize operating costs, maximize occupancy, and drive value.

Some of our commercial property management services include:

Maintenance & Repairs

The first impression your business makes on a potential customer or client can make all the difference. A well-kept property conveys the right message to your tenants and their customer base.

But sound maintenance goes beyond just aesthetics. Issues that require repairs affect your tenant, their business, and their customers, and even enough to cause a loss of business. how to recover files from an unreadable ssd drive

At Longford Management, we’re Proactive with a Capital P, to make sure that your tenants don’t run into serious maintenance issues.

All of our properties are required to undergo preventative, proactive maintenance a minimum of twice every year, and we also conduct comprehensive annual audits to identify and prioritize any necessary upgrades or fixes. If you decide you want to make major improvements, our Capital Expenditure Management (CAPEX) services can help. how to recover files from windows 7 laptop remotely

You’re also able to call on our fully licensed and insured in-house maintenance team for basic repairs. Our service reduces typical first response time to same or next day, and bypassing a general contractor can reduce your cost of a service ticket by as much as 65%.

We’re up late. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week either by phone or email. And if you have an urgent situation, we’ll respond within 60 minutes and provide you with support within four hours.

Have the confidence of knowing that we’re ready to step in for any unexpected emergencies, no matter how late it is.

Marketing & Advertising

Unlike residential investments, there are many additional factors that can affect the return on investment of your commercial property. Business owners will look at signage, pedestrian traffic, visibility, accessibility, and more to determine whether or not your property will be the right fit for their business.

Our business development background enables us to effectively market your property and we will work to minimize vacancy. Simply put, we won’t rest until your property is leased.

In partnership with the area’s best commercial leasing agents we will advertise your properties, respond to inquiries, and schedule viewings to minimize vacancy and do our best to ensure your commercial real estate is profitable. We’ll help you through the negotiations and paperwork quickly and seamlessly.

Accounting & Reporting

When it comes to financial services, attention to detail is paramount. Our seasoned staff handles all accounting tasks for you, including:

  • Billing
  • Rent collection
  • Bank deposits
  • Bill payments (mortgage, utilities, insurance, property taxes, and maintenance),
  • Bookkeeping
  • Document filing

Of course, our CPA business manager reviews all entries monthly, and we will always let you know how your property is doing via monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports.

But if you just can’t wait for your next monthly report, we have an automated collections and disbursement system that records your property’s revenue flow in real time so you can see the status of your investment at any given moment.

If you’d like a quote for our services, just click “contact us,” and we’ll get back to you. You’ve got enough to do. Let us take the stress out of commercial property management for you.

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